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How Do I Unlock My iPhone

Is your iPhone locked to a specific network or carrier? How to unlock all iPhone models, using the official iphone unlock IMEI via iTunes to use any SIM card.

In this guide we show you how to unlock all iPhone models, using the official iphone unlock IMEI via iTunes.

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Find out how to unlock any iPhone

If you want to switch mobile networks and carry on using your existing iPhone, you may have hit a snag – if your phone is locked to a particular network, it'll need to be unlocked before it will accept your new SIM.

how do i unlock my iphone

how do i unlock my iphone? find out how to unlock your iPhone from all the major carriers and mobile networks including O2, EE, Three, Vodafone, GiffGaff and Tesco

When you first get your iPhone it will typically be 'locked' to a mobile network, such as EE, Vodafone or O2.

This means it'll only work with SIM cards from that network (e.g. an iPhone locked to O2 will only accept O2 SIM cards).

Generally when you want to unlock any other type of phone, you take it to a local phone shop and they unlock it for you.

iPhones are different, the status of the lock is stored on Apple's computers, so even if you pay a shop to unlock an iPhone, it's only ever a temporary solution.

Normally when you connect your iPhone to iTunes for an update or when a new iOS is released, Apple will lock the iPhone again to the network that it was originally on.

Not sure if your phone is locked? Quickly find out what network carrier your iPhone or iPad is locked to.

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Most iPhones are sold locked to a phone network, so you'll need to unlock them first before using a SIM card from a different network.

You'll need to follow iPhone unlocking procedures for all of the UK's major networks before you can swap to a SIM-only tariff or use a cheaper local SIM card when abroad.

If you got your phone as part of a contract you may need to contact your mobile network and obtain a personal unblocking code (PUC).

Most networks will provide this service for free after a certain time period.

If you purchased your phone second-hand it’s a little trickier: if you can’t get the seller to unlock it for you, then follow the steps below to unlock any iphone.

how do i unlock my iphone
IMEI Check : Apple iPhone IMEI Number Check

Why unlock your iPhone?

  • Maybe a friend or member of the family has upgraded to a new iPhone 7 and given you their old iPhone 6.
  • You've bought one second hand or maybe you just want to change phone networks.
  • Another good reason is that it is possible to switch to a cheaper SIM-only tariff which can save you a huge amount of money  compared to a standard iPhone contract.
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Why are iPhones locked?

Mobile phone companies lock phones to their network because they have like to spread the cost of the phone over the length of the contract.

After you have owned your iPhone for a certain period of time you can ask your network to unlock it.

Which iPhones can I unlock?

Official IMEI unlocking should work with any iPhone purchased in the UK.

Official permanent iPhone Unlock for Apple iPhone 8, 7+, 7, 6S+, 6S, SE, 6+, 6, 5, 5S, 5C, 4S, 4. Unlock any iPhone permanently with official factory unlock.

As these are official unlocking methods, they will work regardless of your model and your current version of iOS.

Is an unlocked iPhone really cheaper?

If your contract has finished then you can save a huge amount of money by unlocking your iPhone and switching to a SIM-only contract.

Make sure that the SIM-only contract has a data allowance. The "data" allowance is the amount of time that you can spend online using your iPhone.

You Will Need To Know your IMEI

Before you can start the iPhone unlocking process, you will need the IMEI number of your iPhone a unique serial number.

There are three methods of getting the IMEI number of your iPhone:

  1. Go to your iPhone dialler keypad and type *#06# (star-hash-zero-six-hash). The IMEI number will appear on your screen.
  2. In the iPhone menu, go to Settings >General >About. The IMEI number should be listed on the screen.
  3. Connect your iPhone to iTunes on a computer. On the information page, click on the phone number. This tells you several pieces of information about the iPhone, one of which is the IMEI number.

It's probably best to write down your IMEI number (it should be 15 digits long) and make sure you provide the correct IMEI number when unlocking your handset.